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The Answers You Need

1. To bridge the gap between youth and stakeholders and give youth a safe space to express our real voices. is unique in that we are fully led and managed by youth. While we have advisory board consists of industry professionals and we actively work with school officials, nonprofit leaders, and policymakers, no one over age of 30 has direct involvement with our execution and decision making process.

2. is also unique in that we engage in a open knowledge sharing/crowdsourcing decentralized community model, like Wikipedia for youth mental health. All of our resources are contributed by youth volunteers and all of our knowledge is open to everyone, accessible through our wiki. We are not aiming to compete or replace any but simply to bring people and resources together, and provide youth with the opportunity to give and change. 

3. Lastly, is unique in that we are a medium/connector between both youth and stakeholders, and between youth and youth. Is there a group or individual you want to reach out to but are afraid to? As a collective voice we can help you reach out and get your voice heard effectively, much more than what each individual can do.

What makes Unique?

With, the best way to help us is to help yourself. What community project and mental health initiatives do you want to do? How can we, our volunteers and our community best help you to achieve your advocacy dream? 

At, we don't serve ourselves. We serve you and your advocacy. By taking actions on your dream and making it comes true, you directly help to grow stronger and more impactful. 


If you don't have a direct initiative in mind, or just really like our ideas and want to help us build the organization, you can join our chapter and/or national teams to do that as well. 

How can I help

To youth, joining us simply means putting yourself out there and making a pledge to live your life well and slay. You decide the level of involvement that works best for you. You can choose to simply enjoy our social media content and surf the memes in our discord. You can also take on more active roles such as helping us find more relatable funny stories, reaching out to local communities and hearing what they need, or bringing your organization to our chapter and joining our national team to help directly build the organization of our future.

To stakeholders, joining us also simply means putting you and/or your organization out there and be open for any youth to reach out and help. For existing organizations, working with us doesn't mean any additional work, and you still  get to decide the level of involvement you want. We are simply a medium, a connector that serves your community, empowers your community and helps your community to devise ways to connect with youth in a way that fits your agenda and communal goal.

What does join mean?

At, we believe the key to our flourishment is peer support communities. We take twofold approaches to build communities: 1) we work with existing student led mental health organizations and clubs to bring people together, provide ways, resources, and coaching for people to engage peers. 2) we establish chapters at campus and cities and work with passionate individuals to directly build communities and communicate youth voices.

How do build communities?

We define youth to be anyone broadly younger than 30 years old. Our members and volunteers mainly consist of youth aged 18-25.


To ensure that this is a truly youth led space, our membership requires 18-30 years old. However, we strive to be inclusive and recognize that everyone has a different life trajectory and it's never about biological age, and if you are not within age range but want to be part of us, just fill out the special exception form and we would love to connect with you!

What does define as youth?

Of course, yes! 

We believe the youth mental health crisis is an issue that concerns everyone. Even though we don't say it often, we know when we are stressed or burnt out, and so will our family, friends, and communities. We appreciate and would love your help! 

If you are not a youth, you can join the community as a stakeholder. While you won't have access to some youth specific channels and chats, you will have the same full access and opportunities to contribute and build communities. For stakeholders, the best way to help is to think about how can youth help you in the way of community projects, business internship, or just general volunteer opportunity. We want to increase community engagement, and would love your help.

Can I participate if I'm older than 30?

Ten Founding Principles

Principle 1. Youth Advocacy for Youth Flourishing

We believe the key to youth flourishing is to empower the youth to take risks and forge meaningful connections through advocacy.

#foryoupage signatures the gap between the youth and stakeholders. A hashtag that youth see everyday may be totally unknown to many stakeholders, people who have real impact on youth lives. And we aim to bridge this gap.

#foryoupage is also a practice of our core philosophy: we want to help all

efforts succeed. By choosing an established term that already is the most popular hashtag, we are not looking to make a name for ourselves but to seek collaborative ways to bring people together and address youth mental health

challenges and help youth flourish together.

#foryoupage is our endeavor to unite the youth of today, to address the loneliness & depression epidemic, to make youth know they should not feel shameful of their struggles and that they matter.  

This is our answer to the world, to the mental health crises of our time, to the flourishment of youth tomorrow.

This page is for you. A grassroots mental health movement, for youth, by you. 

Marx Wang, Connor Farrell, Joanna Fang, Muskan Gupta, Hampton, Madison Alexander, Maleha Amsi, Abby Sun, Angelina Jannace, Christen Dy



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Our Values

Our Approaches

We believe the youth mental health crisis is a societal issue. The burden shouldn’t be felt at an individual level. You(th) should not feel alone.

ForYouPage’s approaches are guided by a singular principle: We believe tackling youth mental health crises and empowering youth is a collaborative effort. It's as about us as much as it is about you and your pursuit. We strive to help you youth and stakeholders to change what you want to change. We work with all qualified parties to help them succeed in their pursuits of this mutual endeavor. 

For Youth

We want to feel heard for our mental health struggles, we want to connect and help, and, more importantly, we want a safe community of our own. We tackle immediate mental health crises by building peer support communities. 

Mental health professionals are overwhelmed by the increasing demand while many youth are struggling to find professional help. 


But what most youth need is not necessarily a licensed professional but simply a peer outside our friend groups, who we can share struggles with, who can hear us and understand us.  


ForYouPage works with school and community mhealth services to provide skill training for youth who want to help others. And we build communities where youth can find peers they can count on.


Here, teenagers, college students, and young professionals can come together, help each other, thereby growing together and relieving the stress on critical mental health services.

For Stakeholders

Many people want to help youth, hear youth voices, and empower youth as forces for change. We foster broader youth agency and flourishment by bridging the gap and supplying youth resources to take on advocacy initiatives.


When are youth scrolling TikTok endlessly? When we are bored, tired, and disempowered. We believe the deeper issue to youth mental health crises is diminished sense of agency and the key to promote youth flourishment is to provide advocacy opportunities where youth can help communities and exercise their power. 


ForYouPage develops stakeholders networks and brings together resources, people and organizations such as parents/caretakers, advocacy groups, school and mental health services, researchers, and policymakers. We match youth with like-minded stakeholders, supporting youth to take on advocacy by providing collaborators, resources, and connections. 


We also work directly with organizations to develop and improve programs, services, and events so they are more tuned to youth needs and vocab. 


Core Initiative 





Stakeholder Networks


Digital Well-Being
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