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Mobilizing Grassroots Youth Advocacy​

By Youth, For You 

Our Work

Connectors, Not Builders

At FYP, we don’t create new things: we work to strengthen existing youth led ventures by connecting them with support and youth volunteers, thereby bring together people and engage youth at grassroots level. 

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Our Origin

ForYouPage.Org was created by Marx Wang and his 7 college friends who have overcome mental health challenges with strong support of peers and communities, who have experienced firsthand how meaningful having a great support system of peers is and how powerful the changes to the system we can create when we young people help each other. We want to unite young people, help more to find communities, and make real changes against the injustices. 

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Our Theory of Change

We believe the fundamental cause of youth mental health crises is the diminished sense of agency/power. 

If we can bring together a coalition of youth advocates and young leaders, together we no longer need to feel alone. 


If we can build a open resource and network hub, created by people like you and free to access for everyone, together we equip every youth with the toolkit for real advocacy.

Together, we can unleash the power of youth, amplify our voices, and empower ourselves with the resources, pathways, and agency to advocate for many urgent issues of our days. 

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Our Work

We foster our own flourishing by

1) organizing the #foryoupage movement

2) building a coalition of national and local youth advocates and leaders. 

3) maintaining a wikipedia-type open knowledge hub of youth empowerment resources and advocacy networks.

4) bridging youth with national and local nonprofits, facilitating meaningful dialogue, and equipping youth led organizations with the power of the collective. 

5) collaborate directly with school officials and policymakers to develop programs better tuned to youth language and needs.

I'm a parent and I want to share

Thanks for sharing! Your voice has been heard by many youth and parents!

Do you have something you are passionate about and help to change? Connect with us and we will help you get started!


Whether it's organizing a neighborhood cleanup, volunteering at a local shelter, or raising awareness about important social issues, we believe every act of leadership or kindness is youth advocacy.


Transcending notions of popularity or achievement, together we aim to create a culture where every grassroots community action is recognized, celebrated, and valued as a vital part of youth advocacy.

Are you working on youth led initiatives to serve the community and make changes? Do you need help/volunteers/research/peer supports/mentorship/legal assistance? Connect with us!

We strongly believe that by fighting for the justice you believe in, by exploring your life, and finding your purpose, you empower the rest of us. Every member of this coalition strives to listen to you, support you, and serve your advocacy. By acting on your dream to advocate for change, you directly help this coalition be more impactful by creating real change, connecting communities, and uncovering knowledge and opportunities.

Do you like our philosophy and can't wait to directly help us build it? Connect with us!

We believe that youth advocacy can transcend the boundaries of seriousness and embrace an element of joy and fun. By infusing our efforts with positivity, creativity, and a sense of playfulness, we attract a broader audience, inspire greater participation, and foster a vibrant and inclusive advocacy community.

Do you want to bring together your local community with more youth led initiatives? Connect with us!

We partner with local advocacy groups and individuals to establish youth-led community hubs across the globe where local youth can easily plug in and start giving back. 

📖 I want to share resources/knowledge

We maintain the Wiki.ForYouPage.Org, a shared advocacy and community resources database where everyone can contribute. We encourage everyone to contribute by bringing your knowledge and we encourage everyone to utilize this platform and its curated resources to advocate.

When knowledge is freely shared and accessible, it becomes a powerful tool for connecting individuals, communities, and organizations. It enables communities to tap into collective intelligence, share local wisdom, and adapt strategies to suit their specific needs and contexts.

We are not an corporation, but a social venture built by everyone for everyone. How can we make ForYouPage more helpful to you and your community?

Action Center

Project Highlights

No Social Media November is a 1-month detox and educational program that encourages young people to learn about the impact that social media can have on our mental health and lives.

A student group that educate information about sustainability in fashion.


We are a volunteer-led community based in Long Beach Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia striving to raise awareness and take action in environmental sustainability. 


I firmly believe in ForYouPage’s approach would be effective because I personally experienced it. I want others who are feeling hopeless, feeling helpless, to make friends to build connections to give them meanings to live, to gain the lost confidence through projects.

Joanna F.

Youth Leader


Core Initiatives

Born out of dissatisfaction with mental health crises and unreal social media,  #foryoupage is a grassroots, youth-led social movement dedicated to replacing the ‘perfect posts’ with imperfect stories of genuine mental health moments and to build authentic social media by encouraging youth to share our real, nuanced, and funny day-to-day moments of how we getting through the next week, day, hour, or even minute.


Campus Chapters are local teams that bring together local mental health organizations, work directly with school and community counseling centers, and develop their own peer-supported communities and strategies to address youth mental health crises. They work at campus, town, city, or neighborhood levels.

Starting a Campus Chapter is a big commitment. We are committed to training, coaching, and supporting new and existing chapter leads every step of the way.

Stakeholder Directory

Stakeholder directory is a directory of resources. This directory consists of two parts: a national level directory and a community level directory.

National Level Directory includes youth-advocacy supporting grants and foundations, mental health nonprofits, and youth led advocacy groups that can connect with and utilize, regardless of location.

Community level directory consists of all the local mental health support organizations and student run clubs.


Our Values

- Togetherness

- Realness

- Honesty

- Integrity 

- Resilience

- Humor

- Hope


What Makes Us Unique

Fully Youth-Led

We are fully led and managed by youth. We strive to be a representative voice for youth in collective.

We are a medium/connector between youth and stakeholders, between youth and youth.

The voice of a single person is limited. The power of a collective is unlimited.

Built By Everyone, For Everyone

Similar to Wikipedia, we engage in an open source community model. 

Everyone can contribute to this organization by bringing knowledge and connections.


Every youth can utilize this platform and its curated resources to advocate. 

This Is About You and Your Pursuit

At, we don't serve ourselves; we serve you and your advocacy. 


By taking actions on your dream, you directly help our youth coalition to be more impactful, and show them together we can make real ignorable changes. 

The most important question to us is what do you want to change? How can our community best help you achieve your advocacy pursuit?


Our Values

Togetherness  | Realness  | Honesty | Integrity | Resilience  | Humor | Hope


Our Impacts

Number of Youth Advocacy Projects

Number of Youth Impacted

Number of Communities Engaged


Are you a youth leader? Or do you know someone of our age who are passionate about advocacy or social justice? Let's find a way to unit everyone and build a space of our own!

Provide Us Feedback

We are not an corporation, but a nonprofit built by everyone for everyone.

  • How can we be more helpful?

  • Is there something you think we should try or do more?

  • Do you feel heard? Let us know through our ig or email us at!

Follow our instagram and TikTok accounts, and invite your friends to follow us! We want to use social media as the platform to reach and hear from youth. The more followers we have, the more people we will be able to hear and reach!

Collect Stories and Moments

As part of the foryoupage movement, We want to share stories and real moments to let you and your friends know that you are not alone, you can be okay and getting it through it is possible.

You can help us by observing and finding those real and funny moments when you are vibing and when you know you are getting it through, or even just trauma vent and share it with us. 

Coming soon...meanwhile I want Ice Cream and Boba

Coming soon...screw ice cream I want tequlia

Action Center

Who We Are

ForYouPage.Org is a youth-led NGO, a global coalition of young leaders on a mission to unite youth 🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼👫🏾👫, strengthen each other's work, and mobilize our peers in grassroots advocacy for our flourishing

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